Real Estate Exam Preparation Live Webinar Courses for Georgia.


    Ultimate Success Through Learning Exam Prep Package for $199


    "A House's Story" - live review with local brokers (see below for schedules)
    Online TestPrep - online exam simulator
    Online Flashcards - over 500 real estate vocabulary terms
    Learning Through Questions - on-demand video review

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    Success Through Learning - A House's Story:

    Live Success Through Learning Exam Prep course delivered via webinar. Covers the most important topics on the state licensing exam by reviewing how a house gets sold from beginning to end. Uses real-life examples to help you prep for the state licensing exam. A House’s Story is optional exam prep; it is not approved for prelicensing or make-up credit.


    Cram Course:

    Two-day intensive review of the Salesperson Pre-licensing course that includes practice testing. Cram includes everything from test taking techniques, wills and leases, contracts, agency, BRRETA, finance, ownership, appraising, math, and the laws and rules of Georgia. The Cram Course is optional exam prep; it is not approved for pre-licensing credit. This Cram Course can be used for make-up credits if needed.

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