Real Estate Exam Preparation Courses for Georgia.


    Success Through Learning - A House's Story:

    Live Success Through Learning Exam Prep course provided by local brokers throughout the state. Covers the most important topics on the state licensing exam by reviewing how a house gets sold from beginning to end. Build connections with brokers at some of Georgia’s top firms while they share real-life examples to help you prep for the state licensing exam. A House’s Story is optional exam prep; it is not approved for pre-licensing or make-up credit. *click here for STL schedule


    Success Through Learning Exam Prep Package for $328 $199


    "A House's Story" - live review with local brokers (see below for schedules)
    Online TestPrep - online exam simulator
    Online Flashcards - over 500 real estate vocabulary terms
    Learning Through Questions - on-demand video review

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